Academy 2: UiDemo_Walkthrough - REFramework - Dispatcher – UploadQueue

Hi Friends,

Is there anyone able to run “Dispatcher – UploadQueue” through without any issues?
Could you post the outcome of this from your Orchestrator?

Seems like I can run the xaml file without problem, but there’s nothing showing up in the Orchestrator queue.



I figured this one out already.

Also there’s a thread which is quite helpful:

Can someone help me with this error:

Add queue item : Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Fer

Please make sure your Robot is connected to Orchestrator:

@loginerror, by default the robot is disconnected to Orchestrator. When doing the robot provision in the Robot Try, it shows me the proxy error.

Can you help me with this issue?