Academy advanced training yearly report not uploading to queue

my robot will not upload anything to queue or stop transactions even. Looks like my on element appear selector is wrong even tho it’s the same as in the pdf walkthrough.
Here is the selector:
<‘webctrl aaname=’"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"’ tag=‘SPAN’ class=‘page-numbers current’ /’>
i would upload the whole workflow but new users aren’t allowed
added ’ at hte begining and end so it would not dissapear

Buddy @Bisebi
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  1. Actually the selector looks good, kindly check the below details as correct with your workflow buddy whenever you get a queue item check whether the name of the queue in orchestrator and in studio both are same.
  2. Then check whether robot is connected to the orchestrator with the right robot and machine buddy
    Kindly check these two things buddy
    we can sort this out easily buddy
    Cheers @Bisebi
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It was indeed not connected with the right machine key and it went into an infinite Loop. It’s all fixed now. Thank you.

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Thats great,
is this resolved , then kindly make a solution with right comment buddy that would help others as well
Cheers @Bisebi

On my computer, while using the right selector, it was clicking next to the pagination buttons. it was an error that i did not resolve but when ran on another machine it worked fine. so there is no solution unfortunately that i could post. to help others

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