Academy2 - Assignment 1 - Try Parse - Invalid input value

Double.TryParse(CashIn,dbl_CashIn) AND Double.TryParse(OnUsCheck,dbl_OnUsCheck) AND Double.TryParse(NotOnUsCheck,dbl_NotOnUsCheck)
Here i assigned these variables as string but at the time of running it is giving BRE Exception: Invalid Input Value…
help neede…

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Any suggestions??

Hello @Zara,

Check variables types: Double.TryParse (String, Double)


hii @Susana,

After making this change it’s still giving BRE exception: Input data invalid at the time of inserting values from Excel to Ui Demo Deposit Transaction page. Is it due to this:

Hi There Zara,
I had a few issues on this section of the training also but eventually got it all working :slight_smile:. Your problem here is that you are using the incomplete values. You will need to use the .SpecificContent method and convert this output to a string (more info can be found here under point 18).

Hope this helps,
Daniel Holmes


I’m confused what the in_TransactioItem is supposed to be pulling from if this sequence is the first in this flowchart. I’ve done everything in the practice up to this activity. The process.xaml file doesn’t have any arguments in it and I’m not exactly sure how to pull the queue items from orchestrator back into this process.

Please help! Screenshots very helpful.

Hi DGold195,
The in_TransactionItem is the Queue Item retrieved by running the GetTransactionData.xaml which has been passed into this Process.xaml as an argument from the state machine level (Main.xaml). This ‘Assign Data’ sequence is simply extracting the specific information from in_TransactionItem (QueueItem data type) and making it a local variable (in string format), so its a bit easier to work with. Below is a screenshot for the arguments you should have on your Process.xaml page:

Hope this helps!
Daniel Holmes


Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Hii Daniel,
thanks for the help.
I have one more concern. While doing assignment-2 i am facing this problem. can u suggest something?

Hi Again Zara,
I haven’t actually gotten that far myself yet (just about to start Assignment 2), but this is a conversion issue. I’m not 100% sure but maybe try changing the data type of ‘out_TransactionItem’ from an array of DataRows (i.e. DataRow) to just a single DataRow. This should fix the issue :slight_smile:.
Many Thanks,
Daniel Holmes

This is my Process.xaml workflow:

Where is the connection to my Orchestrator transaction queue being made? On orchestrator my Queue name is “TransactionQueue” and has 106 in remaining which was loaded there from the dispatch robot created in the first part of this lesson.

What do I need to set up now before creating these assign activities with the in_transactionItem.specificcontent(“CashIn”), etc…??

I’m lost on page 8 of the Walkthrough pdf and onwards

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Hi DGold195,
At this stage you are not directly linked to Orchestrator, instead you have obtained one item from the Orchestrator queue (i.e. in_TransactionItem) by running your GetTransactionData.xaml directly before this Process.xaml.

So each time you hit this Process.xaml, you are only dealing with one item in the queue at a time and this has already been retrieved by running the GetTransactionData.xaml. The assign activities simply make the data easier to work with by making them local variables. This allows you to then validate the queue items data (via the following 2 decision stages) and process it (if validation is successful)/not process it (an error is thrown by decision stages).

Hope this makes a bit more sense. Let me know otherwise :slight_smile:
Daniel Holmes


@DanielHolmes Hi Again Daniel,
How far have you reached in advanced training assignment 2?.. Actually i am facing issue that what all to invoke and the next step that has been asked to take using assign activity.
Have you done


Hi Zara,
I am hoping to make a start on Assignment 2 at some point over the next few days, so will get back to you on this one :smile:.
Many Thanks,
Daniel Holmes


i am facing issue that what all to invoke and the next step that has been asked to take using assign activity.
Have you done that?

Have you started doing assignment 2?

Hi Zara,
Just made a start this morning! Roughly which page in the walk-through are you struggling on? I will try and get there and help out as soon as I can :slight_smile:.
Many Thanks,
Daniel Holmes

Hi Daniel,

I had almost all the problems that others had…
Your help is excellent!
I have made the program running now.

But soon, after checking the results, the data validation seems a bit off.

In the page 10 of the walk-through, where we are asked to validate the value of “dbl_CashIn”
“If the Input Data is valid, add another Flow Decision to check if the value of dbl_CashIn is greater than 1000.”

Here is what I used in the “condition” (tried both in the following):

  • dbl_CashIn <= DOUBLE.Parse(“1000”)
  • dbl_CashIn <= 1000

The problem is that I still get items with value lager than 1000 registered in the UiDemo.exe

Could you help on this small issue?
Thanks a lot! Appreciate it!


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No problem. Again, I had the same issue but fixed it by adding a quick conversion in. The issue with the TryParse method is that it only returns a boolean value to see if the conversion can be done, it does not convert the value itself. So my advice would be to do the following:

Add a conversion stage just before the final decision which converts the string type variable CashIn into a double:

And then use this new variable (of type double) to make the final comparison (whether it is less than 1000.0). This should work but let me know :slight_smile:.

Many Thanks,
Daniel Holmes


Fantastic! Thanks, it works flawless :slight_smile: