UiPath Academy "Orchestrator for Developers" Lesson - Outdated?

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Everything was going smooth in the “RPA Developer Foundation” learning path until I hit the “Orchestrator for Developers” lesson. Almost nothing in the videos matches what I see in Orchestrator when I’m logged in. I am frustratingly lost in the current setup of Orchestrator, as I’m unable to follow along with the lesson videos.

I did my best to try and figure things out, but in the end, I was unable to “Create the Dispatcher” in Practice 8 (Queues). I keep getting the error, “Add Queue Item: You are not authenticated! Error code: 0” when debugging.

As far I can tell, I’ve done everything I need to do, including creating the queue item “DemoQueue” in Orchestrator, but obviously I’m still missing something.

Will this lesson be updated soon?

Is anyone able to help figure out what I’m missing, or doing wrong for populating a queue in Orchestrator?

Should anyone encounter the same issue as above, here’s how the error was resolved for me:

A few days ago, I found a post in the UiPath forum, where it says to make sure that Studio and UiPath Assistant are the same version.

I updated both to make sure they were the same version (21.4.0 - which also matched the latest version of Orchestrator).

What I hadn’t done, however (and someone was smart enough to ask me), was check to make sure that the Activities package was also updated. Once I updated this through “Manage Packages”, everything ran smooth.


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