How do I complete my certification project

Hi Mates ,

I have been undergoing UIPath training from start . I am gaining knowledge and planning to complete my certification from UIPath before March 31st 2019 if possible as its free until then .

I cleared the Quiz in 2nd attempt .
L1 - Foundatation - 90 %
L2 - Orchestrator - 80%
L3 Advanced - 80 %

So it said I have cleared and passed successfully.
Now that I am pending with project , Looks ok and will attempt for the same in a week .

Am I in right path ? Is it where I will have to take the certificate exams from : ?

Can anyone guide me ?


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Yes, it’s correct.

It consist of two modules.

  1. Theoretical Quiz - 45 questions - 1 HR 30 mins
  2. Practical exam - 3 HR 30 mins
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Thanks Lakshman , The reason I asked was because , Looking at some of the comments from forum its said there would be three 3 diff modules for exams and you will recieve 3 certificates ?

Did I understand wrong ? Or the pattern has changed from past ?

Last question - What would be the challenges I would face when taking my Project ?Time constraints ? Anything else ? Would help me … So ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks in advance .


You will receive those 3 certificates from academy only.

In , we will get one certificate only. We must use REFramework to complete this task. And also we have 3 attempts only for this. If you have out of attempts then you have to buy vouchers from UIpath to complete this Certification.

All the best bro :grinning:

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HI @bharathrao77

I guess @lakshman has described everything you need to know… :slight_smile: Would like to add a small thing that might help you for the practical… Go through your Level 3 Assignments one more time to get a good idea on how you did them… That will help you to complete your exam easily…

All the best bro & welcome to the community!!

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