Need Help in registering for Certification exam

I completed my Level 3 assignments and got the diploma today. I would like to do the certification also. Can someone please help me with the further process?

Thanks in advance.

Buddy @durga_prasad_Varma

Congrats buddy for completing all the 3 levels of assignments.
Great coming to the point

Certification, aaahhhh that would be loving to do, yes you can go for this link and register and start cracking the certification

  1. there are two parts in certification like theory and practicals
    for theory its 1:30 hr and for practical its 3:30 hr

–45 question all multi choice
–1:30 hr time
–topics from first 3 levels that you learned so far and be good at REFramework and Orchestrator because it is advanced certification buddy…kindly do all the quizes in all the three levels of courses very clearly and understand the concept because that could help you to handle the questions hear in certification

–a workflow should be developed and uploaded
–3:30 hr time
–Be clear with all advanced topics like Orchestrator, REFramework and basic stuffs that you learned in foundation training…i hope it would be easy for you buddy…because you have done all the levels…bravo…

For more queries you can see here in

Fine, all the best, do well and this community is waiting to have one more robot master…
Cheers buddy

Buddy If you find that useful can you close this thread with comment marked solution that could help others looking for idea under your topic… @durga_prasad_Varma


Thank you very much for the info. I am going to give my exam tomorrow.

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All the best buddy @durga_prasad_Varma

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