About Get Full Text Activity

I want to wait for the text to load and then get the text. He always doesn’t wait for me to finish loading. This situation leads to the lack of text. I tried a lot of methods, but they didn’t help. I would like to ask everyone to have What is a good way?

Hoping one of you guys can help.

What are the methods you tried?
Did you tried by setting the WaitRorReady to complete in the properties panel.

Hai Wangjidong,
You can use Find Image activity


Hi @WangJidong,

In these cases using Find Image Or Find Element could be better option.
it’ll Wait for an image to appear in a UI element.

So if you’re doing it on web. then, use Find Image by indicating following image.

wait element vanish , wait attribute ,etc…

Oh, thanks for your help, it doesn’t have this kind of icon during the loading process.

Thanks for your help, it doesn’t have icon.

okay then give some time duration before getting full text

Thank you, but this method did not solve my problem.

Okay. Is there any element on the webpage appears after all the text loaded?

Yes, I just gave an example,

See, what are the changes after loading done, and use one of ‘em.
You can simply use find element by giving dynamic selectors (e.g. aaname=’*')

okey,I will try.