I want to click on my button once the program finished loading but before that i want to get text, before get text activity and click next , how do i extract the data ? The only thing that the button will have a selector that has focusable and its in aastate. I tried using if element found and the ‘do’ to get text activity but nothing happens. Can someone advice me? Is there any other methods/activity i can use.

Thank you for reading and replying, much thanks.

we can use GET ATTRIBUTE activity where the attribute “aaname” or “text” with fetch you the text from that element and gives us as a output where we can mention a string variable

Cheers @haziqh

Is there an example u can show me? I tried using it but no clue how to use it.

Thank you…

Hi the following answer still does not help to resolve my question, i use wait element / image but it does not help . Firstly element both button of clickable and non clickable shows aaastate = available . Secondly image, 0.8 accuracy shows that wait image for clickable but still clicks even though its non clickable , tried in 1 accuracy but did not even click anything.

Please help