How can I skip waiting for a website to be fully loaded?

Hi guys, I want to get some data from a website using the Get Text activity, but sometime a website will spin longer than normal. How can I skip the waiting time for the website to be fully loaded? I have seen an article stating that the setting of WaitForReady, but I don’t see this property in my properties tab for the Get Text activity

Hi @hjie30

you can use the Wait For Element activity to specify a maximum waiting time for an element to be available before moving on with the automation.

Set the Exist property to True in Wait For Element activity. This will cause the automation to wait for the element to exist before moving on.

Kaviyarasu N

No, what I meant is that I do not want to wait for a website to load for so long. Sometimes a website’s HTML is fully loaded but the website has API that is still loading which causes the UiPath automation to have to wait for the API to complete the loading before continue the automation process

Hi @hjie30

We have wait for ready inside the target properties if the property target not showing these fields you need to expand by clicking plus symbol left side of target


Thanks! I found it. It is known as “Wait for page load” in the latest version of UiPath.

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