Ability to use expressions/variables for WorkflowFileName in an InvokeWorkflowFile Activity

Hi folks,

In Legacy Projects, we had the ability to use variables or expressions as the WorkflowFileName when using an InvokeWorkflowFile activity. I no longer see this as an option in Windows Projects.
I believe this is a very beneficial feature for email or document automation.
Here’s out use-case: we have 200+ email formats which we receive from our clients. All of which follow the same end goal (extract invoice/payment data). So we built “templates” which are invoked from the Process workflow in our Performer using the TemplateName determined from the Dispatcher. This is the more efficient way to code for handling all of these workflows which use the same set of arguments.


It has been added back in 23.10…check the release notes as well


Thanks @Anil_G I will update and check it out

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