Invoke Workflow activities error path

Hi guys, good night!

I’m having a problem running a invoke workflow with variables.

MyDocuments = ‘C:\Users\John\Documents’

on the propety: MyDocuments+“UiPath\Example\Main.xaml”

return: “The file name, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect”

Looking in the documentation I found: Workflow File Name - The file path of the .xaml file to be invoked. The file path is relative to the current project folder. This field accepts only strings or string variables. String variables are not supported in Windows and cross-platform projects, All strings must be placed between quotes.

My question is: it will not be possible to use variables in the path of invoke workflows?


Unfortunately, as official document says, UiPath doesn’t support dynamic filename in Windows compatibility and CrossPlatform one at this time. We need to use Windows-Legacy compatibility if there is some reason to have to do it. However, please note that Windows-Legacy will be deprecation in the future.


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