Invoke Workflow File activity is broken in the 2022.10 release

We use the Invoke Workflow File activity in a For Each Row activity to run our test suite.

The path for the Invoke Workflow File contains variables which means we can dynamically invoke a workflow file using the variables.

But the Invoke Workflow File activity doesn’t work in the Windows project version with variables and returns the following error when a run is started:

The above error comes from the following dummy project:

Variables for this project as follows:


Unfortunately, dynamic filename of InvokeWorkflowFile activity is not supported in Windows compatibility project as the following document.

Please use Windows-Legacy project until it supports.


Thanks for your reply.

Will keep an eye on updates for this.

There will be no updates :slight_smile: Dynamic filenames it’s not possible when compilation is needed.

Why do you need these dynamic paths?

We have our test cases as workflows, so we can run the test cases via a .csv file.
Its just a lot easier for us to edit the .csv to ‘turn off’ and ‘turn on’ tests where necessary.
Also it means we can have all the automated tests in one project and make multiple publications for the test types, e.g. Smoke Tests or E2E tests.
Hopefully that answers your question.
I have also seen that some other people have UiPath setup the same.