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Is there any software to install to be able to use the abbyy ocr engine. I can use the cloud engine no problems, but would want to use the abbyy ocr engine for screen scraping.

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not exactly sure but did you try installing nuget package?


How do i get the nuget package?


I see this on google, place it in packages folder and install it.

Search for nuget for the usage in Uipath.

Get text from "captcha human authentication"

no nuget exists for abbyy


Sorry couldn’t be of much help.Lets wait for others response.


In the latest version of UiPath you should already have this installed

You don’t even need to install a package.


I get the below. presume need to install something like with windows ocr, needed to install modi.

also can we use abbyy for screenscrape ocr?


Yeh I think you’re right there is a bug with this…

Also when recording you don’t have the option to use Abbyy OCR - see screenshot

@qateam can you investigate please?



For Abby OCR activity to work, you need to install ABBYY FineReader Engine and purchase a license for it.
Regarding the fact that AbbyOCR option is not visible in screen scraping wizard we will investigate.


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Cosmin, I don’t think that this should throw an error when someone attempts to use Abbyy OCR . There should be a warning message that says you do not have a registered version, please see this link for more information on how to activate, or something to that effect.


Hi Cosmin.

Thank you for clarifying the issue with the installation of the ABBYY Engine but i would like to know a bit more information if possible.

How does the Engine installation interact with UiPath Studio?
What steps are needed for the OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine to stop appearing?
Does UiPath Comunity Edition work with a Trial Version (ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows SDK) given by ABBYY?
Is this a feature only for Licensed Users for ABBYY / UiPath?

Thank you!



You simply drag on the engine like you do with google/microsoft.

Install Abbyy Finereader SDK

No, you must request from Abbyy reseller. Or subscribe to Abbyy cloud ocr. You can get a trial of this online

Yes. it is only for abbyy licensed users.



I have done all the mentioned above, and i still get this error.

ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 installed and licensed given by re-seller of ABBYY
UiPath Comunity Edition 2016.2.6232

Main has thrown an exception
Message: Error performing OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine
Source: Abbyy OCR
Exception Type: Exception
System.Exception: Error performing OCR: AbbyyErrorLoadEngine
Server stack trace:
at UiPath.Vision.OCR.OCRClient.ScrapeUsingHostService(OCRInput input, OCROptions options, CancellationToken cancelToken) … etc to avoid large amount of text

Thank you!


back to uipath on this one then.


Hi again,

After installing ABBYY FineReader Engine you must activate it. This are the steps that we do to install/activate ABBYY FineReader:

  1. Open elevated cmd in the folder where you extracted the archive (ABBYY FineReader) and run:
    Setup.exe /qb /v INSTALLDIR=“C:\Abbyy\FR11” SN=serialkey ARCH=x86 LICENSESRV=Yes
  2. In cmd navigate to “bin” folder in the installation folder of Abby (on my machine is C:\Abbyy\FR11\Bin) and execute LicenseManager.exe /SilentActivation /SN:serialkey
  3. Open Studio and use AbbyOCR.

Try the above and let us know if is working or not.



Hi All,
Can you please provide the pre-requisites and detail steps to install Abbyy OCR in UIPATH



Hi cosmin

I had my license activated , ABBYY offers to activate it after the instalation and in the LicenseManager.exe it shows the entry and it shows that is activated.

The Error is the same…

Exception :

And i have done the cmd commands like you suggested, still nothing.
Sensitive info has been blanked.



Have you modified the properties Scale and Profile of the AbbyOCR activity? Could you let the default ones and see if it is working?



Hi Cosmin.

No i have not.

These are the “default” properties given after drag and drop. Tried with different profiles, same error.

Thank you.