A robot with user name '******' is not defined in Orchestrator - Troubleshoot Steps

Troubleshooting Steps :

Please follow the below guideline :
This error occurs when username or password is incorrect.

Username: Please provide username of your system. You can check the username by one of the following two ways:
a. Open cmd and run the command “whoami”
b. Press “windows + l” i.e., lock your system and try to log in again. The username that you provide now is the username that you have to provide as “Username” in Orchestrator.
Please note that if you have a domain name in your username, you have to provide domain name also along with username in Orchestrator: DomainName\UserName.

Password: Please provide the system password in Orchestrator
the password entered password should same as the password which is used by the user to login to the system
Also, please check the following points with your IT Team and confirm if the user that is set for the robot must have these accesses:

“Access this computer from the network” policy (Typically granted to Users group)

“Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services” (Typically granted via RDP Users group)
Logon as a batch job right"
You can also delete the robot and try to re-provision it once again and let us know the outcome
Note : it is mandatory to enter a password while provisioning the robot itself

Let me know if this helps

A couple more things to check. These are probably obvious, but they were gotchas to me the first time around.

  • Double-check the machine key in the Orchestrator Settings dialog. While testing, I created and deleted several machines on platform.uipath.com. When I’d go to update Orchestrator Settings on my local machine, I’d click Disconnect, then enter the new machine key. Then I’d re-select https://platform.uipath.com as the URL. One thing I didn’t notice at first is that re-selecting the URL replaces your machine key with the previous one you used with that URL. So it would erase the new key I’d entered.
  • Make sure your machine name on platform.uipath.com is the same as your computer name. Get your computer name by opening PowerShell and typing $env:COMPUTERNAME.