Unable to connect with Orchestrator

I’m getting this type of Error: System.ApplicationException: Publish of workflow project to Orchestrator failed. A robot with user name ‘UserName’ is not defined in Orchestrator.

Please help me in resolving the issue if anyone have any idea regarding the same.



I hope you have created the robot with wrong credentials.

The username will be : domain/username
password will be system password .

If you want to know your username, open command prompt and run command whoami

Hi, Hareesh I checked about the domain/username it all looks correct but even after that I’m getting the same error… Is it required domain/UserName in Orchestrator Robot and in UIPath Robot Orchestrator Settings Machine Name should same?

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a machine in your orchestrator . The machine name you will get when you open the UiPath Robot



  1. Then try to create a robot , you will get the machine which you have provisioned in step 1.

Here name can be anything,
but username should be the thing you get in the command prompt

Password is the one you used to unlock your system.

  1. Then again open the machines tab … You will get the machine key on clicking the view tab …



Copy that machine key and then

  1. Open uipath robot in system tray :

Paste the machine key and URL.

Hi Brother,when I’m trying to create a new robot it takes so long and then this error showed up Error:An error has occurred.