A robot with user name '' is not defined in Orchestrator


I get the above error message as soon as I want to execute my robot. I have set up the machine and the robot on Orchestrator, so I am not sure what the issue is…
If anyone has an idea, please let me know!
Thank you!!

Please check whether the username you gave while provisioning the robot is same as the one you get when you run the command whoami in the command prompt

check whether you have assigned the robot to an environment @Elina96

post the screenshot of robots page as well,

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Kindly check with these stuffs that would surely resolve your issue
— first create a machine in orchestrator and that machine name should be same as in your system
To get that name go to start-> search as robot-> settings and get the machine name from there and paste the same while creating machine in orchestrator and copy the machine key after this from orchestrator and paste it in your system robot tray and mention the orchestrator url as well
— the. Make sure that we have a robot created in the orchestra with the same machine name and while entering the detail for username and password go to cmd window and type as whoami which will give use domain and username, enter the same in the orchestrator while creating robot
— create a environment now In the robot tab and tag the robot created in the previous step to this environment
— now back to our system in robot tray we have machine key, and orchestrator url mentioned readily and now we can connect

Cheers @Elina96

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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