A local License is required (Local Deployment)

Hi Uipath,

I need help about my problem.

My situation is I copied the packages in ProgramData however,

after running it I am getting this error below:

I’m I missing something?

Please advise and let me know


Hi! @aapostol,

Please follow the below steps:

Logout from the studio,Assistant and orchestrator.

Now open your Assistant and click on the User Icon Navigate to preferences then to orchestrator settings there you can see the option called sign in. log in from there this will take you the orchestrator and sign in with the credentials.

This will automatically sign you in to the studio And Assistant.

if find any difficulties please let me know

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please open UiPath asistance and sign in to the Orchestrator:

It won’t solve the issue, I also have package developed by other people.
Usually I just have to copied to my local package folder, then i will automatically show up on Assistant.
Now if I connected to Orchestrator, this local packages will not listed in Assistant.

Now there are unnecessary steps, i will need to publish the package to orchestrator from uipath studio, create process in orchestrator, and then install the package downloaded from cloud (orchestrator) to Assistant.