"A local license is required" error showed when debug the local process with Robot Javescript SDK

UIPath version: 2020.10.6 (Enterprise Edition)
Robot JavaScript version: 1.2.6

Following the instruction from the UiPath document, I can invoke the process on Orchestrator successfully.

But if I want to debug the local process with parameters by disconnect the orchestrator, a error message “A local license is required.” What does this message mean? If I need to request another type of license as the message said?

Disconnect the orchestrator as UiPath document said to get local process.


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Once you disconnect the orchestrator and running the process means it is asking for a stand alone license to activate

You are licensed using Orchestrator, so you need to always keep connected so that the license will be allocated to studio. Once you disconnected to run the process it requires a license to debug your process

That’s why either you connect the orchestrator OR activate license locally

Hope this will help you


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