UiPath Studio- Community edition : License is -Enterprise edition

hi @loginerror ,

I have installed UiPath studio community edition latest version. Im getting an error saying" local license required".
In the orchestrator i have a stand alone license which is an enterprise edition trial license. Now the bot is connected only because of the enterprise license. Im only using community edition but not enterprise edition. How do i solve this?
because i need the trial license for learning RPA further. Got stuck from last couple of days due to this error. Not sure how to solve this .Please do help me.

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Hi @parvathi_ayanala
Check-out following

No worries about studio , first login to orchestrator first and connect your robot (robot assistant)
Then automatically your studio aquire license as enterprise during your community enterprise trail time period.

And once your trail period over , your orchestrator will automatically transform into community edition.

And that remember its remains only your default tenant, oll other newly created tenants will be deleted

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva,
Thanks for acknowledging the above error. As u said I tried connecting the bot by clicking the preferences giving the orchestrator url and machine key and then it says connected and unlicensed.

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Check your robot details on orchestrator

and refer the below to connect robot without error

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hi @parvathi_ayanala
as your message shows that you have already utilize your studio licenses
go to settings and license and check how many license you have been allocated in the relevant tenant
if you have more on your main host , just allocate then ok
if not just disconnect your existing connect robot

hi @Maneesha_de_silva,
Thank you so much.It worked . When the robot was created stand alone license was checked. Now following your video i unchecked it. When i opened UiPath studio it worked!!!
Thanks a ton!!

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You are always welcome

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