2023.4.2 is unwantingly Hiding sequences

It seems that even though ‘Hide sequences’ is set to false, Studio 2023.4.2 hides them. I created a project in this version, the ‘Then/Else’ sequences in are hidden from the If-activity. But when opening this project in Studio 2022.10.x, it reveals all sequences.


I found v23.4.x have a few bugs and we do downgrade to v22.10 because its more stable.


Issue still present in 2023.6.0 and 2023.6.1

I’m curious why you want to see this extra clutter on your screen.

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This is a feature :slight_smile: as these sequences are a clutter inherited from the workflow foundation. So we are not showing them anymore.

What is your usecase? Why would you like to see them?

This was already discussed at length here on the forums (here: The Sequence (container) is not shown in Studio 22.08 and 22.10 - #12 by loginerror). What this post is reporting is that even with the setting turned off it’s still not showing the sequences.

Well, opening the same project in different Studio versions is often needed in my situation. Adding a simple If-statement from Studio 2023.x will generate the empty yet invisible Sequences.

When opening the project in Studio 2022.x the sequence will be shown which is cluttered and requires cleanup of the code (post-build). It will also lead to a Code Analyzer error having default activity name I think.

I also don’t understand why you say it’s a feature. The “Hide Sequences” toggle should enable/disable this feature right? Since it doesn’t work, something is not right. The feature imho whould be if the empty containers would not be generated in the first place :wink:

Another limitation found: I do not see annotations made using Studio 2022.10 by my colleague :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

In 2023 we don’t the the sequence name nor the annotations.
Both Studio’s have the ‘Hide sequences’ option disabled.

Bug still present in 2023.8.
This means I cannot edit projects in 2023.8 while others use earlier versions. Code analyzer will see ‘default names’ and empty sequences. And I will miss information from hidden annotations.

Frustrating and even more so since the issue doesnt seem to be understood by UiPath :pleading_face: