Change appearance of disabled activities

When disabling activites in a sequence two!() extra frames are added around my activity. It would be better if just the selected activity could be greyed out or something. If i selected more than one, a box could be added perhaps but I think there are two many “grouping frames” in a sequences as it is.

I’m using 2017.1


definitely. unfortunately, that’s more complicated than it sounds

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Ok, thanks!

Yes! please make it soon. It’s weird that this feature change has so few requests. The way it is now is completely non-intuitive and visually chaotic.

Why not an option to hide disabled activities so they can be visually hidden from the workflow.

how do you intend to unhide it if you cannot see where it was?

I suppose it could be like unhiding Excel columns where there’s an option to Unhide all inside the scope that is selected. I think it would be a bad idea though, cause most developers leave their “commented out” code visible so that it can be deleted once they finalize their project to deploy into production, therefore lines of code will still be their hidden and keep the code messy.

My opinion on this topic to be honest is that when you “Comment Out” a scope or activity it should keep the name of it instead of how it is currently. You basically need to rename it everytime you disable something in order to know later on what is inside that commented out steps, and nobody ever does this because of laziness :smirk:.

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Name i agree with totally :fist_right::fist_left:
Minimize(to hide)seems fair enough and i guess looks clean.

Only thing i dont understand, like you said how its now is, it adds 2 blocks and you can only enable while clicking the ‘Comment Out’ scope.
On the other hand it also allows disabling of comments as many times you want.:unamused:


Yeah, would be neat if there was a way to fix that. But from my understanding, a collection of activities need a sequence and the Comment Out activity does not act as a Sequence. At the very least, it could not create a Sequence if it’s only one activity, which you can do. For example, when you add a Scope-type activity, it will include a Sequence inside; well, if you are only adding one activity, you can delete that Sequence and move in that one activity. So I’m guessing it’s similar to how that works where it automatically will include an inside Sequence, even though it’s not needed.

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