Cannot disable sequence within an IF activity


I have just upgrade to Studio 2022.10.4. The IF activity has changed from showing True and False next to each other to a Then and Else under each other - I think this is a really nice feature as it makes the overview of the projects better.

However it seems that it is no longer possible to disable a sequence or an activity within the Then or Else block. Is this a bug or how the design is working now?

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I dont think so

Please try restarting UiPath studio

If this does not fix try changing the UiPath.system.activities package from manage packages to a different version


Hi @jacchr,
You can comment out the any actions inside the if or else page. Please try to restart the your UiPath application, If doesn’t help try to restart your machine/VDI and check it.

This is what I see when I right click:

Also if I click the IF activity to see the formula it cannot display any details in the Properties pane:


I have tried installing Studio 2022.10.4 on two different computers - one where I upgraded from 2022.4 and another with a clean install. The result is the same on both computers.

Instead of clicking the entire sequence, try to click one action alone and make it a comment. The remaining action is simply dragging and dropping within the comment out page.