The Sequence (container) is not shown in Studio 22.08 and 22.10

I like writing annotations on the top level sequence, but I cannot access it in the 22.08 preview version. I am sure this is a UI bug which you are aware of, nonetheless reporting it here anyways.

Installation details

CurrentUI without the outer sequence

Expected UI

Thank you for your consideration!

Hi @jeevith , this is intentional I guess.

Same sequence designer between Studio and StudioX

One major improvement in StudioX was the clean sequence design where unnecessary bodies and sequences were no longer shown. We are now bringing the same experience to the Studio profile.

UiPath Community 2022.8 Preview Release - News / Release Notes - UiPath Community Forum

Hi @alexandretperez,

Thank you for pointing that out. I have take the discussion there, but in my view this makes it difficult to document code. I hope this is not going to make it to the GA.


Studio public preview 22.10 also seems to have retained this bug/feature.

It makes the annonations set on the highest sequence redundant. In my opinion, this is more a bug than a feature. I understand that StudioX may have such a UI, but forcing it into Studio which has a large number of users from before to me is not a good design choice.

Creating another sequence just to show our annotations is again going to be redundant.
See my comments from 22.08 release note post which deatils other induced redundancies from this : UiPath Community 2022.8 Preview Release - News / Release Notes - UiPath Community Forum

Many who have created workflows and containers and annotated them will not be able to see them!

Thats actually a big issue. I used this feature heavly.
Maybe this feature should be reported as bug…

Also the templates provided by UIPath now missing some annotations. See the document understanding template → 10_InitializeProcess:

UIPath 22.4:

UIPath Studio 22.10:

Just put that text in the annotation for the Retry Scope. The extra sequence is redundant, that’s why - at users’ request here in the forums - the redundant sequences are no longer displayed.


That would mean all the hardwork documenting what each workflow does must be repeated all over again for each project and we need to change our templates to adjust to a bug/feature? That’s not a valid alternative.

In that case the additional options when you right click (show/hide annotations) are also redundant. Why have those options at all?

I do believe this was rushed before analyzing the impact. Studio is not StudioX. I really hope this is reconsidered.

There is another reason some of us like using sequences (you can debug a sequence consisting of many activities) by using right click and “test activity”.

Containers allow this debugging options, if containers are removed and only activities are to be used, test activity will also be deprived of its main advantage.