2018.4 Community Beta Release



The Device ID is in the Help section
But you dont need to register for the the upgrade if you are already using CE.

Just follow the above mentioned steps post you activate if not already.


@cheersrpa do you get any error after clicking on “Activate”?


Studio is not opening after I switched to Beta version from stable. Previously created workflows also not opening.



Hi @Sat

If your Studio does not launch at all, it can be that the download was not completed properly. It can happen if you close your Studio too fast after switching to Beta channel. You could try checking the Beta folder under:

If it looks incomplete (as if, the size or number of files drastically differs from the stable release folder), simply delete it and relaunch Studio. It should work then.

How to update the lastest version of community edition of Uipath

Thank you @loginerror, I re-installed the Studio. It’s working perfectly now. I love the theme :heart_eyes: .




thank you team Uipath…


hey @nadim.warsi @ovi ,

I reinstalled the studio and restarted the machine.Now i can see the theme.



We’ve started the 18.4 blogging session. Make sure to read the first post and give us some feedback if you have some time: #BetaFollowUp 18.4 - Global Exception Handler :slight_smile:


please note that if you activate with a code the auto-update option is disabled


Hi UiP, Thanks for the amazing release.
Pl help me in figuring out the pause and resume functionality.



When in the timeline is GIT support for version control coming?

Even as a Microsoft shop and with using Azure Devops we use GIT as the middle man. I am using TortoiseGIT but I think others on my team will work better with using studio for everything.


Oh wow it’s great! Glad my idea helped others.


Just in case anyone else is facing the same. I had multiple installs of UiPath on my machine so when I selected Beta it then reverted back to 2018.3.1 and had no option to switch back. As a result I went to add/remove programs to remove all instances of UiPath did the typical clear out of local app data and roaming app data (forgot program data). Then reinstalled using the latest version of the Installer. Opened UiPath but and selected Beta then restarted UiPath Studio but no change so restarted the machine completely and hey presto “Dark Mode” baby.

Wonder how many of the UiPath devs will use dark vs classic @ovi can you do a poll…my guess is 100% Dark :slight_smile:


Couple of lads there do not really fancy the Dark mode, Strange!


I think it’s a matter of personal preference (and maybe the time of the day when a developer works). I am more of a night owl, so Dark Theme all the way :bat: But as Florent said, I can understand some have different software tastes. (this seems like a talk about fashion haha)


Rookie mistake, Rich. We don’t recommend this :slight_smile:

But nice comeback, thanks for sharing, I am sure others have faced the same. :wink:


Well if you built the software properly it would handle multiple installs…also it would clear out the appdata so I don’t have to…automation my ar…m! :smiley:



Hey @Gabriel_Tatu @MirceaGrigore @badita @ovi

I just Update my Version.
I get some minor issues but very useful for UI perspective and development.

With some activites i mean mostly like invoke method, while and and some more i am facing issues like when trying to write in the activity design input box it is getting covered like below snapshot in both Classic and Dark Mode.


it is overriding scrolling layout so have to use property text editor to use further extension methods.

and one more while changing or browsing Datatype of variables ok
button lable will fade away in dark mode.