How to update my uipath studio

Hi, My uipath studio is currently at 18.2.3, i would like to update it to 18.3.2. I have searched the internet and was told to use install this package (“UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities”). However, that requires the studio to be at 18.3.0 and above. Is there anyways other than uninstall and reinstalling the software?

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Please refer the below post.

I have read the links you send me, none of them talked about updating. I understand I need an UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe application. However it isn’t stated anywhere, where the application can be found.

@Annie_June Uipath Community version is updated automatically and it will be forced update and based on your internet connection to the system which u have installed Uipath, it will updated automatically, There is no way of updating community version manually as of now. Wait for few more days with proper internet connection to that system. If it is not update you download latest version of Community version from company website and install it.

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I am using the enterprise edition

Sorry i don’t have idea about enterprise edition

Enterprise 18.4 is not yet released.
See here for an estimate on the Enterprise 18.4 release: