Send Hotkey with invalid UIElement!

Hi guys here i come to meet a problem with “Send Hotkey” function. I am designing some system for the internal website of my company. I can give some background about my program.

It is about that i need to open this page

,retrieve the data into datatable and close the tabs by sending the hotkey alt+f4
However this page is for generating the PDF page, when the pdf file generated, it becomes like this and the Uipath cant send any hotkey and here comes the problem

Does anyone have any suggention?

BTW , with the same design and same function, it can work in the pervious laptop with no such error occurs.The perivous laptop is using the IE with version 11.0.9600 and current one is 11.125.16299. Does the version of IE affect so much? or i need to change some settings? Because i dont know why the same function can only run prefectly in the perivous laptop , but cant work in this latest desktop
PS:the OS of pervious laptop is WIn7 and current is with WIN10, well, does it afftect???


anyway just add something , when you triggerd the 1st picture website , the pdf file will be generated automatically, so i cant bypass that pdf file generating. And it takes for a while to generate the PDF file, so most of the web can be closed before the pdf generated

The resolution of the screen may change.
Please use “Attach to Live Elements” where it is prone to give error

Hi, I cannot find the activity that you say…is the name of activity is “attach to Live Element”? I can only find attach Browser and attach window

Hi @Zixiang,
You can find “Attach to Live Element” option
After clicking Activity in studio
Property panel->Target->Selector->click dot symbol(mentioned below)