Send hotkey not working

Hello friends,

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I need to send hotkey on a page with this selector
“wnd app=‘wfica32.exe’ cls=‘Transaprent Windows Client’ title=‘TF_FloatingLangBar_WindTitle’ - \Remote’”.
but not works.
CAn you please help me?

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Buddy kindly use a attach window activity and place the send hotkey activity within that to get this work done…followed by any activities you wanna perform like click or typeinto, but alll with attach window or if its a browser you can use attach browser…but looks like an exe application so you can attach window activity as a full selector

Hope this would help you…




It might be helpful if we can see how you have it set up, like your Send Hotkey and its properties. If you do use an Attach Window, you can leave its selector blank, unless you need to perform it on a specific element.

I would suggest that you use UiExplorer with the Highlight toggled on, so you can see the element for the selector you are using, to ensure that part is working.

If for whatever reason, the Send Hotkey just won’t work, then you can also use a TypeInto to execute the keystrokes that you want.


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It seems the title in selector is incorrect
title=‘TF_FloatingLangBar_WindTitle’ - \Remote’

check the title value again and correct the quotations.
Use the wild characters in Selector like *

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Thanks… it works for excel when i am using attach window activity.

Cheers @kim_taeyeon