Hot key not working on active windows


I am trying to send hot key Shift+Right but it does not work. In the screenshot, what i am trying to achieve is, when i send hot key it should move to Historical so that i can go ahead and select appropriate option but it does not work and also it does not give any error as well. Could you please help me with this.


Is this Shortcut key working manually ?

If yes then do one thing. Use Attach window activity and indicate that window and inside pass that send Hotkey activity.


I tried this solution but it is not working. However same key combination is working fine manually. Any other option?

Can someone help me achieve this?

Make sure the Attach window has a valid selector for the window you’re referencing. Also, it is advised to choose the key you’re pressing from the dropdown list if available. These are special keys, and selecting one of them will automatically check the IsSpecialKey checkbox in the activity.

Yes, i have fixed it. It was scope issue for that window. Now it is working perfectly. Thank you all for looking into this issue. You all are very helpful.

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