Your Connection is not private : Not possible to capture elements

Similar to that one: Your Connection is not Private : Error Handling

Is there some workaround for this issue? I need to click on the ‘advanced’ button but following pop up appears, when I try to capture the window / element. Translated to english it means: "The access to this browser window isn’t possible. Internal pages and the page ‘New registercard’ cant be automated’


Hi @gani.nurceski

Can you try sending a hot key if it works


Hi @Anil_G ,
I found a solution for this issue, just use the ‘classic activities’ (without the use application frame). The difficulty here is that you can’t use the UI Explorer to detect/mark the ui elements on this page. So you have to edit the selectors of the click activities (make sure you use the classic activities, not the modern ones) manually.

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