How can i click on internal browser?


I can’t click on internal browser (see picture below).
and get the error message “cannot communicate with browser”

does anyone know how i can solve this?

thanks in advance

Regards Tony



Can you try using active accessibility mode


Hello @Tony_Geelen
Use Attach window activity and indicate the tab with Activate activity, it may work.

Thanks for replies!

i can’t find “attach window” or “active accessibility” in UiPath studio. I must have classic mode but i don’t have the option to check classic mode. (see picture below)


Hi @Tony_Geelen ,

I think you are using studiox. In modern designer experience there is no separate activity called attach window (it is available in classic design experience). In modern design use application/browser activity itself contains the properties which can enable attach window capability to the automation.

Please refer the below document link for better understanding on the use application/browser activity. Thanks