You are not authenticated! Error code: 0 issue


I have created a VM where I want to run a process, but I get the fowllowing error:
You are not authenticated! Error code: 0

What can be the problem?


Hi @johnathanemanueldoe,

Where are u getting this error?
In UiPath assistant or in calling API?
Have you configured your machine with Orchestrator?


In UiPath Assistent and Orchestrator.

What I do not understand is that in Orchestrator on the folder I have created and added the machine from with the VM and it doesn’t take it

Can share some snapshots

and also machines are added on the tenant level, not on the folder level. At the folder level, we add robots and processes.

Any thoughts?

Hi @johnathanemanueldoe,

Are you able to access the UiPath assistant in the VM server?



  1. Did you provide the user credentials in orchestrator? And include domain name as well
  2. Did you open assistant on the target machine and signed in from assistant?


Hi @johnathanemanueldoe, can you please refer to below post!