Unable to connect with orchestrator from Studio - You are not authenticated! Error code: 0


I have newly installed studio (2021.10.5) of community edition and connected with orchestrator as “Automation Developer” license. However, my get asset, get transaction item activities are not working.
Getting error as below:
Get Transaction Item: You are not authenticated! Error code: 0

Note: Enabled modern folders

How to fix this issue?

in Ui Assistant – I can see robot is connected and licensed.

in Orchestrator —

Hi @vigneshnkv ,

Could you try refreshing your Studio?


Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

ensure that your Studio has selected / is running against the correct folder
below right corner you can select (screenshot default)

Folder I have in orchestrator:

However, even after refresh, that is not available in uipath studio:

Can you please help on this? @ashwin.ashok and @ppr

@vigneshnkv Did you rename the default folder to NKV. If that is the case can you rename back to Default and try that once

if you are connected succesfully, you can change the name back to Default, and the for your new processes create a new folder and work with it, remember to swap to the new folder from here

also please check that the url you have from the assistant is the same than the orchestrator URL, incluiding the tenant name which is not there



Renaming the Default to some other name is not an issue - @ushu

I have not provided the complete url(Including tenant) in Ui Assistant for Robot connection.

After adding url. It worked. Thanks - @fernando_zuluaga

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