You are not authenticated! Error code: 0 exception occurred only for UiPath background process

I started a development using the UiPath template called ‘Background Process’ and currently I’m facing an issue when reading orchestrator assets. It throws the error ‘You are not authenticated! Error code: 0’. But when I tried out UiPath RE-Framework based developments, this issue was not emerged. However I’m using the community editions of both studio and the orchestrator where the version is 2021.10.5. I’ve been struggling for whole 1 day trying out different solutions, but failed. No idea whether there is something with background processes or not. I would really appreciate your support ahead in time.

The unattended robot must have the permission to the process and the queue (if queue is used) that means you need to make sure the unattended robot instance in your orchestrator should be in the correct folder(ideally same where the process is) + has the required permission

@rahulsharma Please find the attached snap shots for your references

  1. Robot in Default folder

  2. Assets in Default folder

  3. Folder permissions of Default folder

  4. User permission

Hi @punya
Kindly check whether the domain name and username mentioned in ROBOT tab is as same as in your machine
That is go to your machine and open cmd window where type the command as whoami
Which will give us domain and username value
Type the same while creating robot in orchestrator

also please find below link

kindly check if this might be the case


Is it a attended or an unattended robot?

An attended robot should have a user account
An unattended one should have a robot account manage from admin section in the cloud orchestrator home page.

Also check if the robot roles are assigned correctly to access assets. Check the required checboxes there under Roles section.

Also check if this thread helps.

Hi @nikhil.girish
The mentioned link sorted out the issue. I had installed “UIPath.System.Activities” 2021.10.5 but once after downgraded it into 20.4.0 issue went off.

Thank you!

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Great @punya

Happy automation.

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