Issue with selector assignment 2 - Download Reoprt Cannot find the UI element corresponding

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I am working on assignment 2 level 3 .I am facing selector issue with download report .
Download report selector is
Click ‘Download Report’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:
Invoke System1_CreateYearlyReport workflow: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Kindly help me with this !



Goto Click download report selector and try to validate it first and see

I tried validating the selector it is valid !


Use Element Exists activity and try. If it exists then click download report.

Download Report doesnt exist because the control returns to home page by then !

Download report selector is :

Will the issue occur because of month not getting selected properly ? I have used the below selector for month


so within loop the first month is selected
month selector is


Whether BOT is iterating all months for each vendor ID or not ?

If not then pls find below link:

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no BOT is not iterating all months .I shall check the shared xaml .Thanks .


Correct me if I am wrong,

The selector for Internet explorer is same as you have given in the image.
if this doesn’t work, then anyway there is only one image with download button for that perticular requirement. So, why can’t you try with click image, Not sure if I am wrong please correct me if I am wrong.

Pavan H

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Thanks for your suggestion .I tried Select item

The issue is resolved .

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