.xslx write range error

I have created the .xslx file and to read
file - > workbook -> read range
its working fine i am able to see the data in datatable
but when when i write the datatable to the .xslx file with steps
file - > workbook -> write range and giving that dataTable data to write in .xslx
doesn’t throw me the error in uipath it shows excuted successfully
but when i try to go to the folder and try to open the same file throws the error and it wont open the file
*** only after using write range activity testexcel.zip (27.8 KB)
and error i have faced

Please some one can help upon this issue since i am new to uipath learner
Thanks in advance


The issue is with Excel . Try by reinstalling the Excel in your System.

The works fine in mine.

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Thanks i had older version and upgraded it worked thank you soo much

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