Write Range UIPath Activity Error

When writing a datatable into an excel spreadsheet (xlsx), there is sometimes an error 'Error saving file (with filepath) using exception.Message - when this occurs, it appears to remove all of the formatting and other tabs as if it is saving it as a .csv file?

Could anyone confirm what UIpath does with the excel file in this case?


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I’m using “Excel Application scope” + “Excel Append Range” to do it. Do you use the same method ?

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I am not using that, just using System Integration Write Range.

When UI Path can’t find the Excel file (filename, filepath) a brand new file is created. You probably have an issue with the file path as mentionned by the error message.

To write into an Excel file, i recommend to use “Append range”, you should then be able to write into an excel file already customised


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We are overwriting an excel file rather than appending, using the excel application scope and excel write range seems to have fixed the issue.

We found out that it was ‘deleting’ the file when trying to overwrite the file and it therefore created a new file with just the datatable.

Thanks for the help.

I thought this may help somebody with similar errors. The way I managed to clear the error was using the “Append Range” activity under “System>File>Workbook” instead of the “Append Range” under “App Integration>Excel>Table”. hope this helps.

The message filter indicated that the application is busy.I am getting this error.can anyone please help me out?
Thanks in Advance