Xaml to PDD conversion

How to create pdd from xaml file(From Studio workflow)?


Check this out:



Hi @hariapn,

This is not possible.

However, you can run the steps per your workflow for task capture to record it and then export that workflow created in task capture to PDD but vice versa is not possible.


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Hi @hariapn, I hope you’re doing good. :slight_smile:

I infer you’re looking for a feature to open the .xaml file created in UiPath Studio and generate the Process Definition Document for the process. Yes, this feature is available in 20.11 Public Preview. Please refer to the links: Task Capture 20.11 Public Preview Release and Import XAML File - Preview

Please do share your valuable feedback. Task Capture 20.11 Public Preview Release

Feel free to let us know if you’ve any questions.


Hi @rashmi.nc,

Thank you for your response on this.

I am feeling good and left wondered at the same time hearing that this is possible in 20.10.

We are currently on 21.4 version of Task capture but this feature is not available to us. When use “open file from PC”, we only see .ssp,.ssg extensions available in drop down for selection, we cant select any .xaml file to be opened with task capture.

Below screnshot:

Task capture version:

Should this feature be not available in 21.4 version as well if this was enabled in 20.11 version(as 21.4 is a higher version to that)?


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47 This is in Public Preview :slight_smile:

Hi @rashmi.nc,

Yes, but this is from Nov 2020 and an older version 20.11. Does this mean that this feature is still not out in its higher versions and will be there in upcoming version like 21.10?

Please correct if my understanding is wrong.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47

Thank you for asking this question. The feature is not available in GA (General availability). The team is working on this feature to give the best user experience. We would love to hear your feedback. For now, please work with this version.

I don’t think we have finalized the release date for this yet. I will let @Anna_Hotsa answer this. :slight_smile: