Task Capture 20.11 Public Preview Release

Task Capture 20.11 Public Preview Release :tada:

This month we are happy to announce a brand-new feature that reduces the amount of headache RPA Developers have around documentation!

In 20.11 release of Task Capture, you have an option of opening robot files created by Studio directly in Task Capture to generate the Process Definition Document in a few clicks!

:one: Launch Task Capture and open the .xaml file :rocket:

Start the application and choose the ‘Open file from PC’ option to find the file you want to create documentation for. As soon as the file is opened you can see it’s mapped into diagram at the main screen. As of now, Task Capture is not able to support all the activities that your automation may contain, so please expect that the representation of your flow might look different in Task Capture.

When the file is opened, you can find the screenshot and key properties of the activity in the description field of each action.

:warning: Please note that Task Capture can open only 1 .xaml file, not the entire project.

:two: Edit the process map and actions :pencil2:

Feel free to use Task Capture recording and editing capabilities to enhance your automation documentation. You can add new Sequences, Decisions, capture actions or edit the existing elements as well as provide them with the precise title or description to make the documentation even more informative!

Please visit the official documentation to find out more about editing the process map and recording actions.

:three: Generate the PDD :page_facing_up:

Once the editing is done – it’s time to save you work! Go to the ‘Export & Publish’ page to generate the Process Definition Document in MS Word format. Feel free to use one of the default templates or edit them to align with your company branding styles and include the only relevant information you need.

Check out the documentation to find out more about creating the custom template.

:warning: Please note, for now, Export to UiPath Studio is disabled due to complexity of the implementation. However, as soon as we get more feedback about its value for it – we surely will prioritize it.

:four: Share the results :busts_in_silhouette:

Feel free to send the output file to your colleagues or upload it directly to the Automation Hub! See more about this option here!

How to get it? :gear:

Please use the following links to download installer:

Want to find out more? :face_with_monocle:

Please visit the official documentation portal, where we prepared the detailed explanation of what kind of the activities are supported as of now, and how the parsing of the data from .xaml file works.

Share your feedback :speaking_head:

  1. What are the Studio activities that you most frequently use?
  2. How do you create the documentation for your automation?
  3. What data do you need to include in the PDD?

Known Issues :bug:

We’ve released 20.11.1 hotfix version on November 18th that includes the fix of an issue when the invalid XAML file was attempted to be open and the notification about it appeared. The notification contains references to the documentation portal, clicking on which the app was suddenly closed. This is not a problem anymore :slight_smile:
Besides, now when you open XAML file the message about possible differences appears also when you open it from the ‘File’ -> ‘Open’ menu and from the File Explorer.


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A complete detailed video on UiPath Task Capture is here: https://youtu.be/8ZAQsYZiPxk



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