Task Capture for StudioX

Hey UiPath,
I’ve been training citizen developers on the use of StudioX, and one thing that seems so terribly obvious to me doesn’t seem to be on your radar. Task Capture for StudioX, why is it not a thing? Currently, you can only export to a doc or a Studio (Pro) readable xaml file. Why? It’s the perfect combo for citizen developers. Have them do their process steps with task capture, export to studioX compatible xaml file, you’ve got happy customers for life. It’ll be like magic to them and UiPath will be a must for the whole lot of 'em.

I do hope you consider this, I can’t think of a better scenario for a citizen developer (and also for the likes of me who have to put up with some really really really slow learners, to put it nicely)


@Stratum thanks for the feedback. The good news is I can say this is definitely on our radar. However, given other competing priorities regarding closing functionality gaps this will be a bit further in the future (i.e. it’s unlikely to be available in 2020).


Is Task Capture still not available for integration with StudioX or regular Studio? I’ve tried opening my Task Capture .xaml file in both Studio and StudioX and so far it only opens in Studio but all the activities have an error that the activity can’t be found. I have confirmed all the required packages have been installed in Studio.

HI @ashley.n.andres @Stratum,

Below details answers your question, please have a read.