How to run the xaml file created from Task Capture


I have used Task Capture to generate the xaml file and trying to run in the UiPath studio. It throws error that the attributes not found. When verified it seems the attributes look different than the ones that are captured using screen recorder.

Is there any setting that needs to be done in-order for the task capture xaml file to run in UiPath studio.

Hi @rganjam!
Unfortunately, Task Capture recording engine can not perfectly recognize the selectors of clicked elements to create the fully-functional robot file. For now, the exported file most likely has to be reviewed/debugged by RPA developer in order to define those incorrect selectors manually. We consider the Export to UiPath Studio as an opportunity of creating the robot skeleton to provide an RPA dev with a basic structure of the process flow and make the communication with process creator easier.
However, the improvements of this functionality are already on our roadmap, so follow the updates in Release Notes page to find out when they will be released :slight_smile: