Convert .xaml file to Diagram

I have a ready uipath project with out Design document.
Is there any away i can use Uipath task capture or other tools to generate flow diagram from .xaml file?
The import feature in task capture dose not include *.xaml.



We played around this issue… but the sad thing is we can’t convert the XAML to Process Document

We have to do this manually or we need to create the task in task capture then only we can get the Process document…

But we can’t convert XAML to Process Document


Go into Orchestrator, go to Processes, find your Process, click the 3 dots at the far right, click Explore Package.

Hello @afsaneh_keivani,

If you import the package into Orchestrator, make a process out of it and then click the three dots on the process and then “Explore Package” you will get a rough interactive diagram of your code.

It is by no means perfect but does allow you to click around and explore the process.


Hope this helps.


Hello @afsaneh_keivani

if you looking to convert xaml to process document, that is not possible with Task capture, even though vice versa is possible. What you can do is to create a task in task capture and create the pdd and xaml from there and then build the flow using the xaml generated.