Wrong path being returned from TakeScreenshot workflow

I know I’m doing something stupid here. When I save my exception screenshot it goes in the ReFramework Exceptions_Screenshots folder. I’m using the IO_Filepath to return the filepath and if I put it in a message box I get “Exception_Screenshots\ExceptionName” but when I try to use that to retrieve that file I get "“Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\WillT.nuget\packages******\1.0.11\lib\net45\Exceptions_Screenshots\ExceptionName”. The path that it saves to is “C:\Users\WillT\Documents\UiPath\Project Name\Exceptions_Screenshots” What am I doing wrong?


Is your problem in running as published process?
If so, perhaps you should use not relative path but absolute path, because working directory will be C:\Users\[UserName]\.nuget\packages\[Processname]\[version]\lib\net45 when run process from Assistant/Tray.