Exception screenshot is not saving inside "Exception_Screenshot" folder

I created project using REFramework, while I run job from orchstrator, then screenshot is not saved at Exception_Screenshot folder, while I checked the logs, I am getting in “Info: Screenshot saved at: Exceptions_Screenshots\ExceptionScreenshot_190128.011802.png”. But file not saved under folder.
This is really strange.
And I tried to run locally, then it works fine. This problem coming on running from Orchestrator.
Please help!!!
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this might be because your Config.xlsx in \Data (locally) differs from the one you published to Orchestrator.
The REFramework sets the ExceptionsScreenshotsFolderPath in the sheet “Constants” within the Config.xlsx. The default in the framework is “Exceptions_Screenshots”, but you can change it to any path you’d like. Make sure you publish the project, where the correct Config.xlsx is in \Data.

Let me know if this helps.

I already published with same path, and I also tested by changing exception screenshot Folder name to other from Constant sheet in config.xlsx file, and published to orchestrator, then again In that case, no new folder with updated name created.

I am curious to understand the problem and learn about the solution then. Let’s call in some more experts.

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But when I updated the full path in config.xlsx, exception screenshot are saving :slight_smile:

Happy to hear that! Good to know.


When you use the relative path, like “Exceptions_Screenshots\ExceptionScreenshot_190128.011802.png” and publish your project, the path it uses will be the current directory of the project. The project when published gets moved to either the local location here “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Projects” or on the Orchestrator machine. So, the Robot is actually looking for “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Projects\ProjectName\Exceptions_Screenshots\ExceptionScreenshot_190128.011802.png” rather than in your original project folder.

When you use the full path, it will place the files to a more shared location that you or users can have access to.

I would only recommend using the relative paths for files that only the robot will “temporarily” need for processing. But, that’s just my opinion.

Regards. @lukasziebold


I know this is late, but I was running into the same issue where I published the .nupkg while leaving the “Exceptions_Screenshots” as default when using REFramework. I found the screen shot folder on the computer I ran the process at:
“C:\Users{UserName}.nuget\packages{Project}{BuildVersion}\lib\net45\Exception_Screenshots”. Hopefully this helps anyone who is trying to debug the users exceptions without changing the default path.


You are my hero! I needed this today to figure out why my process was failing after being published.