Screenshot of Exception


Has anyone here created a workflow snippet that takes a screenshot of the unattended robot’s screen when an error/exception occurs? I’m trying to create something that I can plug into the Catch block of a Try-Catch activity. This would help troubleshoot errors that occur in the workflow since I can see the errors that the unattended robot encounters.

Thanks in advance!

In REframework template under framework folder you will have workflow called takescreenshot.

You can use

As you can see the Robotics Enterprise Framework,

In the Config file, constants tab → it defined where to save the exception screenshots.
And the framework folder contains the Exceptions_Screenshots folder where all the screenshots will be saved.

Thanks guys. However, how do I access this framework folder? I only see these items.


If you are using REframework which available from 2018 of UiPath studio then only you can see like @KarthikByggari.


.Screenshots folder will save the screenshots when you indicate on screen (representation purpose) for some activities. Those are not the screenshots taken when the exception occurs.

Karthik Byggari

Hey Everyone

I am trying to find an exception screenshot in UAT/prod VM. Do you have any idea where it is saved?

For local, it saves it in the folder itself in the exception_screenshot folder but for UAT/prod where we only deploy the package and run the job from Orchestrator. Where can we see the screenshots in VM??

Hi @saimahmad1234

Check this folder… find the process you are looking for in it and it will contain yhe required details