ReFramework change screenshot exception folder


I need to change the screenshot exception folder to be not inside of the folder project.

I create one asset in Orchestrator: image
Also I added it into the config file:

From TakeScreenshot.xaml:
I try also the way: in_Config(“assetExceptionScreenshotFolder”).ToString still not working.

How can I change the path there?

Please upload the process


Value needs to be modified to full path

The Exceptions_Screenshots folder exists in the process folder, so you must change the path to the folder to be changed.

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Hi @Veselin_Ganchev,

Do the following step in the InIt state

  • Use Get asset activity to get the text and store it in a variable (exceptionFolder)
  • Then add the same variable in the config variable
    config(“assetExceptionScreenshotFolder”) = exceptionFolder


You can directly update the path in the config file in Constants sheet

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