Renaming ExceptionScreenhot files

hi all

i have a large project running in re framework with a lot of work flows
when there is an excption thrown it saves a screengrab to the exception screenshots folder as part of takescreenshot.xaml
the file is saves as "ExceptionScreenhot_42344323.png

is there any way to save the exception as something like Workflow2_42344323.png


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Hi @adrian_sullivan

You can achieve it

Check this link out

Check your constant sheet of config file


Inside REF you can change the file path i.e io_FilePath (Take screenshot .xaml): Look at the Screenshot below:

the file is saving fine and i can find it ok

just trying to rename the final to something a bit more meaningful like workflow2_24323423.png

Great :+1: @adrian_sullivan

but my qusetion is how to rename the screenshot files

Hi @adrian_sullivan

You can. Edit that in Take screenshot xaml

If you want to rename, use rename activity inside Fro each File in Folder

if i use a rename actvitiy i am not not certain where i will supply the new name from eg worflow1_443423.png

as the job is running is currently renames the exception file as exceptionscreenshot_443423.png so how to provide either the failed workflow name or failed que item to rename the screenshot to something like worflow1_443423.png

maybe i can edit edit it in Take screenshot xaml like @nikhil.girish has suggested, i just dont know how to do it…