"Save as..." IE - how to define path for saving a file

Hello :slight_smile:

I need some help. I want to download a file from IE and save it to a specific file path… do you know a efficient way to do this?

When you download something through IE, the default behavior is for a popup bar to appear at the bottom. You’ll need to have your process click the dropdown, and then click Save As. Then you can set the path where you want to save the file (including the name and extension of the file you want to save), and click the Save button.

It’s several steps, but similar steps are required for other browsers.

Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

How can I do this? I have the clicks, but what are the steps after them?

You’ll use a series of clicks, and for typing the path to save the file, you’ll need Type Into.

Isn’t there a better more efficient way to do it? :confused:

This is the only way to do this currently. You can save steps by changing the default save path and/or setting IE to save downloads automatically, but this is only helpful if you know what the filename will be when it is downloaded and you are running all processes on the machine from the same file save directory. This would give less flexibility for other processes.