Save as problem

Hi guys,
i’ve a problem when i try to download a file from web and the windows save as screen opens…
although the full path is passed as input it always downloads me in the default folder, download folder…
How can i manage that?

Hi @legiw18734

Use the download settings from the Browser and Enable ask each time before downloading!


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Thanks for the reply!
the screen “save as” always opens, but despite the steps the correct path does not save in the folder

Hi @legiw18734

Use attach window for the indicating the save as pop up and use typeinto activity to type the full path and click on save!


that’s what it does, the path is written correctly inside the input, but when you press save it goes to download anyway


Are we using attach window indicating the popUp!


give a try on implementing

  • right click on link
  • click save target as
  • automate save as dialog

Is it happening the same when done manually

Make sure the filepath mention is correct
and also
Let’s add some delay between characters in TYPE INTO activity
We have a property called DelayBetweenKeys where mention it as 1000

If still doing the same then I would suggest to delete that part of activities and re create it again
Once after re creating the set of activities clear the cache in browser and restart your machine and give a try

Cheers @legiw18734