How to increase speed of the process?

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I want to increase the speed of type into activity i have tried simulate click and type but it starts filling the search bar instead of the target textbox hence disturbs the whole process.

Please help

Hi @Vishal_Singh1

Can you give some benchmarks by what you meant slow? 5 seconds slower, 10 seconds slower… Type Into usually is not slow unless you have very long texts… For very long texts you could use paste [ctrl + v] from clipboard after Set to Clipboard activity.

It types one by one letter rather direct copies it from excel sheet.

Hi @Vishal_Singh1

Instead of type into use set text activity.

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You can also use Set Text activity which just pastes value in field or somewhere else.
provide value to it same value you’re providing to Type Into activity.

Hi @Pankaj.Patil , @Vishal_Singh1 @PRASHANT_GABHANE

Set Text uses SimulateType property which is similar to TypeInto SimulateType=True. If the TypeInto can change property of SimulateType=True then it is just the same as Set Text activity. If SimulateType=True is not working, copy to clipboard and paste is another alternative.

Hi @Pankaj.Patil @GreenTea @PRASHANT_GABHANE

I have tried using set text but instead of writing in the green field as shown it types into search bar of browser in yellow.


Hi @Vishal_Singh1

You need to change the selector and find a unique element for the green field.

Thank you

By editing selector i can do it or is there any other way??

Thanks for the help

Hi @Vishal_Singh1

By editing the selector.

it is unable to validate the selector what should i do?

Indicate the screen again