Making uipath process faster

Is there a tutorial available which shows how to make a custom code to make activities in the uipath run faster ? Or any guide available would be much appreciated thanks!

Hello @josephivann

What type of activities are you referring to? or in other words, what type of activities do you want to run faster? Few examples?

I want to learn first how to make type into activity faster. I already tried simulate/click or send window messages and I believe that it could still be faster if I make a custom code for it.

To be more faster than type into activity even with simulate type or sendwindowmessage property enabled, then we can try with simple SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+v

That is the sequence be like this
—use a SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and pass the same string input that we mention in Type Into activity here as well
—which will set that string to clipboard
— now use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+v

It’s more like copy and paste which is way more faster considerably

Cheers @josephivann


Thank you sir! I will try this one.

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I have a last question. If I would be doing it in a different way like adding a custom activity, it is possible to make it faster with a c# code right?

if we have another option of getting it faster with a custom activity that would great indeed
Cheers @josephivann

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